Mike Bracken

Mike Bracken, talks to UKAtv’s Helen Olsen about Gov.uk

by Mike Bracken. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

One digital space for government: GOV.uk

Government has today hit the switch to turn off Directgov and Businesslink, replacing them both with GOV.uk. Government’s executive director for digital, Mike Bracken, talks to UKAtv’s Helen Olsen about the focus on user experience and efficiency that led to the development of a new digital platform for government, GOV.uk. Bracken explains the drive to build core digital skill sets at the heart of government in order to develop a flexible, agile and common platform amid a landscape of rapid technology change and rising citizen expectations – and the cultural and procurement challenges this posed. Describing himself as “highly ambitious for commonality”, Bracken talks candidly about his unit being a “catalyst for change” across government in the quest to build digital permanency for the UK government.

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