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Digital 1 year on
Mike Bracken summarises progress with Government’s digital strategy Head of the Government Digital Service (GDS) Mike Bracken, gave Society for IT Management (Socitm) delegates a quick gallop through of his team’s success on the day that the first year’s progress report on the government’s digital strategy was published. He also called on Socitm to be more […] Read more – ‘Digital 1 year on’.
Redesigning Government
Mike Bracken speaks about Redesigning Government at CodeforAmerica 2013 Read more – ‘Redesigning Government’.
Government lets users call its digital tune
(Click the above screen to watch the video) TECHCITYINSIDER100: The Government Digital Service is sweeping reform through the state’s digital output, after being told by the Cabinet Office to deliver world-class digital products that meet people’s needs. It’s an agenda that’s forcing a rethink from the user’s perspective. The service’s director Mike Bracken spoke to […] Read more – ‘Government lets users call its digital tune’.
Public engagement in policy-making
Mike Bracken speaks to the Select Committee about GDS and it’s role in public engagement in policy-making. Click the image to be taken to the video on the ParliamentLive.tv website. Read more – ‘Public engagement in policy-making’.
Mike Bracken, talks to UKAtv’s Helen Olsen about Gov.uk
One digital space for government: GOV.uk Government has today hit the switch to turn off Directgov and Businesslink, replacing them both with GOV.uk. Government’s executive director for digital, Mike Bracken, talks to UKAtv’s Helen Olsen about the focus on user experience and efficiency that led to the development of a new digital platform for government, […] Read more – ‘Mike Bracken, talks to UKAtv’s Helen Olsen about Gov.uk’.
Digital by default and the challenge of agile government
Mike Bracken, executive director for the Government Digital Service talks about agile government at the Guardian Activate Summit: London 2012 Read more – ‘Digital by default and the challenge of agile government’.
Mike Bracken Australian GovCamp message
UK Government Digital Service Executive Director of Digital Mike Bracken sent this goodwill message to Australia’s GovCamp held on June 5, 2012. Read more – ‘Mike Bracken Australian GovCamp message’.
Mike Bracken, Executive Director of Digital, Government Digital Service
Mike Bracken addresses ‘The Crown and suppliers: a new way of working’ conference. Read more – ‘Mike Bracken, Executive Director of Digital, Government Digital Service’.
Mike talking at webOS 2011
Highlights of the WP webOS Innovations Seminar in London. (Developers are our customer.) Sound bites from Richard Kerris (VP, Worldwide Developer Relations, HP), Ben Tattersley (webOS Developer), Mike Bracken (Dir. Digital Development, Guardian), Ben Fush (It Consultant), Robert Douglas (UX Designer, Ribot) among others. Read more – ‘Mike talking at webOS 2011’.
From Publisher to Platform: 14 ways to get benefits from social media – video
In November, we published the slides from my presentation to the Gartner 2010 Symposium in Orlando, Florida. Gartner have now released the video, and it includes an introduction from Mark McDonald, Group Vice President of Executive ProgramsMike Bracken Read more – ‘From Publisher to Platform: 14 ways to get benefits from social media – video’.
Controlling innovation in media organisations
This is the first of two presentations on how we work digitally at the Guardian, from Mike Bracken who heads the digital development team here.This one is from WPP Stream, which is the annual gathering run by Sir Martin Sorrell's company, for WPP peopl... Read more – ‘Controlling innovation in media organisations’.
Video: Panel Discussion – the Power of Apps
Filmed live at the launch of data.gov.uk, Tim Berners-Lee, Nigel Shadbolt, Richard Allan and Chris Taggart join the Guardian's technology director Mike Bracken to discuss the issues and opportunities surrounding the release of government dataMike Bracken Read more – ‘Video: Panel Discussion – the Power of Apps’.