Mike Bracken

Welcome to the Guardian Developer Blog

by Mike Bracken. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

The Guardian’s new blog will cover some of the work we get up to on the technology side of guardian.co.uk

Welcome to our new Developer Blog. We want to use this forum to talk about some of the work we get up to on the technology side of guardian.co.uk and related areas. So we’ll be covering the platforms we use, events we’ve been involved with and products that we produce.

Our inspiration for the blog has come from two places. One is our agenda of mutualisation, which says that our greatest strength is in our readership and sets a goal to build a continual dialogue here. The other is, of course, our past experience that shows how true this is. Many times before when we’ve written about, say, the a redesigned feature oran aspect of our content API it’s triggered thoughtful and intelligent discussion about aspects of our work that don’t usually get much exposure.

Now we’ve got a place to bring all that discussion together. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll get some insight from most, if not all, of the people involved in the technology behind what you see. That includes product managers, quality assurance people, designers, developers and others. And, of course, our users.

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