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U.K. Official Urges U.S. Government To Adopt A Digital Core

Originally posted on www.npr.org by Elise Hu  - October 23rd 2013   When he read about the technical failures plaguing HealthCare.gov, Mike Bracken said it felt like a real-life version of the movie Groundhog Day. During the past decade, the government in the United Kingdom faced a string of public, embarrassing and costly IT failures. Finally, a monster technical fiasco — a failed upgrade for the National Health Service — led to...

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Identity and privacy principles

As with most of our releases and work at the Government Digital Service, we release our work early for review and comment. Recently the Identity Assurance Programme Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group, a working group of the main board, issued the following principles for discussion. Although not yet ratified by the full board, these principles clearly set out the main thrusts of user control and transparency which underpin the entire programme. These principles have been continually discussed and reviewed with over a dozen privacy and consumer groups since autumn 2011, including No2id, Privacy International, Which?, London School of Economics, Oxford Internet Institute and Big Brother Watch. We will continue to work with these groups to ensure that user needs are put first as we re-create a digital relationship between users and Government services. We would love your feedback via comments, or to Nick.Kalisperas@digital.cabinet-office.gov.uk 1. The User Control Principle Identity assurance activities can only take place if I consent or approve them. An Identity Assurance Provider or Service Provider must ensure any collection, use or disclosure of IA data in, or from, an Identity Assurance Service is...

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